Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media

10 May 2011

Cumulus Working Papers Tallinn 10/03

Publication Series G

University of Art and Design Helsinki



Cumulus conference

Value in design: disabling disablement, enabling enablement

8-11 May 2003

Tallinn, Estonia

Hosted by Estonian Academy of Arts

Editor in Chief

Yrjö Sotamaa

Cumulus President


Eija Salmi

Jaana Lantto

ISBN 951-558-041-2

ISSN 1456-307X


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5 Preface Design for Social Innovations

Yrjö Sotamaa

8 Welcoming Address of the Estonian Parliament

Ene Ergma

9 VALID - VALue In Design

Ando Keskküla

10 Culture and Globalization: The Fashion Industry as a Case Study

Diana Crane

15 ‘Primo’ Prototype – The New Human Body Design

Natasha Vita-More

21 Designing Systemic Innovation for Sustainability

Carlo Vezzoli

32 Design Policy for Estonia in the Global Economy

Ken Friedman

34 Synergy between Low and High Tech Solutions

Marek Strandberg

40 The Design University

Ken Friedman

46 Wearable Computing and Wireless Networks

Manu Luksch and Mukul Patel

52 E-Health and Multimedia, an Experiment in Synergies

Michaël Joris and Patricia Huion

58 Making Inclusive Design Work: Design Empathy

Katja Battarbee

62 CinemaSense Portal and Neural Network Analysis Method for Supporting

Students of Linguistic Minorities in Distance Learning

Antti Raike, Timo Honkela, Markku Jokinen and Leena Koskinen

68 Women Inclusiveness via Long Distance Design Education

Margaret Perivoliotis

74 Interactive Multimedia Design and Visually Impaired People

Rossetos Metzitakos

81 ‘Beyond the Garden Ecodesign 2002 Riccione’ – Ecology Beyond the Cultures

Sanna Simola

87 Landscapes Forbidden – and Found

Katrin Koov

93 On Continuing Education

Irmeli Uitto

95 Options for Art Educators Presented by the European Art Education Network

Martina Paatela-Nieminen, Jukka Orava, Tom Davies and Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss