Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media

30 June 2010

First Cumulus Think Tank - Designer: Careers and Professionalization

With 62 interviews and portraits of international designers and professional analyses of the skills and profiles of designers trained in design schools within the Cumulus network, this book presents the opportunities open to desigerns.



Name : DESIGNER: Careers and Professionalization

Authors: Christian Guellerin

Nicolas Minvielle

Marie deJacquelot

ISBN: 978-2-8041-6015-9

ISSN: 2032-6572


Publisher: De Boeck

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Foreword by Christian Guellerin
President of the Cumulus Association
Director of l'ecole de design de nantes

Designers-Leaders have a great future ahead of them
In times past students were evaluated only based on their technical skills.
Today, however, institutions are beginning to take into consideration other skills such as the
students' ability to run meetings with technicians, engineers, philosophers, sociologists and artists with a view to devising new concepts, solutions, tangible or virtual products and to creating new uses.

Along the same line, design schools have become more job-oriented and now aim at training creative professionals that will easily find a position and move upwards or move on.
Today to assess the quality of degrees and curriculums we must first and foremost appraise the value of the jobs they lead to, and this we can do by observing how postgraduate students and young graduates have prepared their future, by trying to see if they have reached their career objectives.

Students used to enroll in design schools mostly, if not solely, to acquire technical skills. Now training in a design school is a true way to engage in a long-term career as a creative professional in the service of innovation, users and development.

Much is at stake with this evolution in design courses. Indeed many companies worried by globalization and finance-driven economical models are rethinking their production processes and questioning their beliefs in terms of business and marketing, and thus hiring massively and differently. In this context, designers-leaders have a great future ahead of them!