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22 September 2010

Life Achievement awarded to Yrjö Sotamaa and Christa Nolte 8 September 2010 in Shanghai

Yrjö Sotamaa and Christa Nolte were awarded on 8 September 2010 the Cumulus Life Achievement award in Cumulus 20-year anniversary conference in Shanghai China hosted by Tongji University at the same time of World Expo 2010. Cumulus Executive Board made its decision to give the unique recognition of the life time work and achievements and dedication to the internationalization of the art, design and media education and research to both persons being active in Cumulus even before the idea of Cumulus was found out.






Mrs Christa Nolte serves Cumulus since it foundation in 1990. Her home university for also 20 years, Folkwang University Essen Germany, is among the first six members of Cumulus. She works as the head of the international office today for the School of Design. She is known also as an inspiring colleague and of her passion to students and staff to get internationalized. Christa, known by many of us as "Mom" is a living legend also in Cumulus X-Files, the working group for professionals of international offices.




Mr Yrjö Sotamaa is today the Executive Vice Director of the Sino-Finnish Centre at Tongji University and he also serves as a scientific advisor to universities in Austria, Denmark, China and Korea. He is also Professor (Tongji-Forever Chair) and Advisory Dean at College of Design and Innovation D&I in Tongji University, Shanghai, PRC among many other international duties. He served the former University of Art and Design Helsinki as the professor and president of the university until 2008 since 1986 and was founder of Cumulus in 1990 and being its president 2001-2007. He is also today active serving Cumulus as its International Advisor for Asia. Mr Sotamaa is a person to make us all be successful in our partnerships and transfer of knowledge, he is as well known as keeping our engine going on!


Cumulus congratulates the Life Achievement award Winners!



























Shanghai: Prof. Sotamaa thanking for the award and Prof. Kurt Mehnert picking the award certificate on behalf of Mrs Nolte