Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media

27 May 2011

Cumulus/DRS Symposium Researching Design Education proceedings


Symposium Proceedings Design Education 1st International Symposium

CUMULUS // DRS for Design Education Researchers

CUMULUS Association//DRS SIG on Design Pedagogy Paris, France May 18-19, 2011



Erik Bohemia, Brigitte Borja de Mozota, Luisa Collina


ISBN 978-952-60-0042-8 (print)

ISBN 978-952-60-0043-5 (electronic)



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Researching Design Education

1st International Symposium for Design Education Researchers


Paris, France 18-19 May 2011


Organized with the support of Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Table of Contents

Foreword vi


Michael TOVEY Researching Design Education 1

Christian GUELLERIN Research: the credibility condition to ensuring recognition in design

Ezio MANZINI Design schools as agents of (sustainable) change: A Design Labs Network for an Open Design Program  9

Brigitte BORJA DE MOZOTA Design Economics-Microeconomics and Macroeconomics:  Exploring the Value of Designers‘ Skills in Our 21st Century Economy  17

Andrew POLAINE Design Research - A Failure of Imagination? 41

Eddie NORMAN The Nature of Effective Research Contributions in Design Education 52

Katrina NORDSTROM Retrofitting Science Education at Aalto University Design Factory: Conceptualizing Scientific Facts  69

Frédérique CUISINIER and Elise TORNARE Why does designing a learning environment require a real collaboration between design and cognitive psychology? 84

Alice D. PEINADO and Sibylle KLOSE Design Innovation: Research-Practice-Strategy 97

Alison SHREEVE The Way We Were? Signature pedagogies under threat 112

Elvin KARANA Materials Selection in Design: From Research to Education 126

Jane OSMOND Researching Design Education a ‗Wicked‘ Problem for a ‗Wicked‘ Discipline 141

Luisa COLLINA New postgraduate educational models between globalization and local culture 156

Mark EVANS Case Studies in the Evaluation and Evolution of Tools to Support Design Education 168

Kathryn MCKELVEY Turning an idea into a valuable teaching resource and research output! 187

Linda DREW Using design thinking and co-creation to re-imagine curriculum 201

Peter LLOYD Does Design Education Always Produce Designers? 210