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02 October 2009

Master of European Design – a unique study programme of seven leading design schools

The MEDes is a unique network of seven leading European design schools. During the five year programme, students are integrated into three design education systems and join a strong international community. These diverse experiences provide them with different approaches to design, multi-national perspectives and sensitivity to cultural differences.

The MEDes course encourages and enables students to develop- their creativity and imagination, their design research and investigation skills, and their professional executive practice.   

Each perspective student has the possibility to choose out of 42 different school combinations. This means for all schools together 117649 combination possibilities.


Study structure

7 schools, 5 years, 3 destinations, 1 Master of European Design


The Master of European Design is a five year program of design studies. Each student follows a course of studies in three of the seven partner institutions:

-          GSA, The Glasgow School of Art, Department of Product Design

-          Les Ateliers - Ecole Nationale superieure de creation industrielle

-          POLIMI - Politecnico di Milano

-          ABK, State Academy of Art and Design

-          KISD, Köln International School of Design, Cologne University of Applied Sciences

-          Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design

-          TAIK, University of Art and Design Helsinki (from 1.1.2010 Aalto University School of Art and Design)

The First and the second year is executed at the home institution.

The third year is the first exchange year abroad which results with the bachelor thesis; prepared at the partner institution in collaboration with the home institution.

The second year abroad is the first Master year.

The students return to their home institution in the fifth year to reflect the divers experiences and write the final thesis.

During their stay abroad the students follow the particular curriculum of the individual partner schools. The studies take place in English or in the respective national language. No tuition fees result. The MEDes program is a network of trust.


One Network


Naturally a MEDes student travels between the partner institutions, at least three destinations of his or her own studies. Besides that, MEDes meens being part of the whole network. Going back to ones last stop, looking for flats in the new destination, visiting friends and the partner institutions which have not been part of the own curriculum is  MEDes everyday life. Additionally there is the annual spring workshop, where all MEDes members, current  students, coordinators and alumni meet for one week in one of the schools. On our journey through the network we are going to visit the institutions and get to know the people that form the face of MEDes. In total it is a 4.742 km journey which would take 51 hours travel time by car.


If you want to apply to the MEDes programme, first of all you have to find out at which institutionn you want to start your journey. Each Partner institution has their own application procedure, please inform yourself on the respective websites.
The study structure however is the same for all MEDes students.


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