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Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)

Founded in 1982

Head of institution

Principal Leslie Lu

Visiting Address

3 King Ling Road, Tseung Kwan O, NT., 852 Hong Kong, China

Phone 852 3928 2012

Fax 852 3928 2014



Cumulus Contact person

Head, Department of Design Foundation Studies Yan Yan Lam
3 King Ling Road, Tseung Kwan O, 0 Hong Kong
Phone 852 3928 2948, Fax 852 3928 2945
E-mail yanyan[at]

Contact person for inquiries on study programs

Associate Academic Director (Design), Principal’s Office, Ben Mau
Room C819d, 3 King Ling Road, Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong
Telephone: 852 3928 2707
Fax: 852 3928 2014

Other contact persons

Rani Janday
Assistant Manager, Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration



HKDI is a leading design institute in Hong Kong under the VTC Group providing quality education to cultivate knowledge, professionalism and new talents underpinning the creative industries in Hong Kong. With a rich heritage in design education through the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), HKDI brings together the strengths of design related departments of IVE spanning across a wide range of design disciplines to create fertilisation and synergy. HKDI encourages interdisciplinary thinking, cultural appreciation, social responsibility and international perspectives. HKDI's graduates enjoy promising career prospects and their performance is highly commended by employers. Through the articulation arrangements with renowned overseas universities, HKDI Higher Diploma graduates can pursue top-up degree courses locally and attain degree qualification within one or two years.

International role

HKDI offers top-up degree programmes with renowned overseas unversities which include: Birmingham City University, Nottingham Trent University, and London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London.

HKDI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with two renowned universities - DOMUS (Italy) and China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA)in China to form a long-term strategic partnership to foster design education to meet the need in the global world.

National role

Top-up degree programmes collaborated with overseas universities

One of the key contributors to the quality of the HKDI course is the workplace attachments, which is an optional study for students and mostly conducted in the summer. It is planned that , due to the importance of the subject viewed by both the students and employers, the module is formalized with clearer measurable outcomes and assessement system to gain credibility and recognition by the industries.

To connect the world design community, HKDI has joined as member of important design associations, including ICSID, IFI, ICOGRADA and IFFTI.

Strategic partner of Business of Design Week (BODW), one of the largest annual design events in the world.
HK Government invested in a purpose-built Campus of almost 40,000 sqm.

Main focus

Cultural sensitivity and international perspectives
Analytical thinking, design research and problem solving skills
Discipline, specific skills and industry practice
Interpersonal skills and teamwork
Professional conduct and social responsibility
Cross-disciplinary interactions
Awareness and concern in sustainable design


Faculties and departments

Department of Design Foundation Studies
Department of Product and Interior Design
Department of Communication Design and Digital Media
Department of Fashion and Image Design

Bachelor level programs

Degree programmes with Overseas Universities

Birmingham City University
BA (Hons) Interior Design
BA (Hons) Product Design
BA (Hons) Visual Communication (Graphic Communication)
BA (Hons) Visual Communication (Moving Image)

Nottingham Trent University
BA (Hons) Fashion Design
BA (Hons) International Fashion Business

London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London
BA (Hons) Fashion: Hair and Make Up
BA (Hons) Fashion: Styling and Photography

Master level programs



Research activity and main areas

Design Education, Curriculum Design, Design & Science, Cultural Studies and Sustainable Design

Doctorate level programs



Subject areas for exchange students

Product and Interior Design
Fashion and Image Design
Communication Design and Digital Media
Design Thinking and Cultural Studies

Application deadlines


Teaching languages

English/ Mandarin

Semester dates

Semester 1: Early September to mid-January
Semester 2: Late January to late of May

Cost of living per month (studying and living)

Neg with partner universities



  • Bachelor: 260
  • Master: n/a
  • Doctorate: n/a

Exchange students

  • n/a incoming
  • n/a outgoing
  • 4561 other (continuing education, post-experience courses, other)

Teaching staff

  • n/a Professors
  • 131 Lecturers
  • 31 Other permanent teachers
  • 21 Part-time teachers