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Utrecht School of the Arts

Founded in 1930

Utrecht School of the Arts

Head of institution

Chair of the Central Board Jules van de Vijver

Visiting Address

Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan 50, NL-3582 Utrecht, The Netherlands

Phone +31 30 252 0334

Fax +31 30 252 3834



Cumulus Contact person

Coordinator Peggy Liebregts
Ina Boudier-Bakkerlaan 50, NL-3582 Utrecht
Phone +31-30-2520334, Fax +31 30 233 2096
E-mail peggy.liebregts[at]

Contact person for inquiries on study programs

All departments have their own contact persons. Please contact Ms. Mouw to find out the correct contact person:
Dorien Mouw, Student Service Centre
Tel: +31 30 2349440

Other contact persons

For student exchanges please contact:
Dorien Mouw
Student Service Centre
P.O. Box 1520
3500 BM Utrecht
Tel: +31 30 234 9440
E-mail: dorien.mouw[at]



Mission Statement
Utrecht School of the Arts

The Utrecht School of the Arts aspires to provide society with highly trained professionals in the field of art and culture. Besides educating artists in the areas of visual arts, theatre and music, the Utrecht School of the Arts also educates professionals in the fields of design, art and education, art and technology and art and economy. The Utrecht School of the Arts strives to contribute to the development of the field of education and research in art and culture. The school also supports the continued development of the professional practice of artists and the regional knowledge- and cultural infrastructure.

There are four basic principles in the mission of the Utrecht School of the Arts.

The Utrecht School of the Arts assumes the autonomy of art education. This pertains primarily to norms derived from art, the practice and production of art.

Continuity and legitimacy
The Utrecht School of the Arts strives to guarantee its continued existence as a high-quality institute of higher learning in the field of art and culture.

Custodial and innovative function
The Utrecht School of the Arts functions in a societal context and has the role of maintaining those courses which are pertinent to the transferal of culture, even when these are not seen as directly relevant to society or clearly quantifiable into job perspectives.

Cultural function
The Utrecht School of the Arts has a larger cultural function. The school possesses its own concert hall, gallery and theatre and puts on numerous expositions, tv-programs, music and theatre performances, in the region of Utrecht and beyond.

International role

The Utrecht School of the Arts’ Faculty of Visual Art & Design is internationally oriented and involved in numerous international programmes and projects. The faculty has signed bilateral agreements with well over 80 international partner institutions for the purpose of exchanging students, lecturers and projects. The faculty is actively involved in international networks like Cumulus, Paradox, PRE-Design, EARN and the Art Education Network, and has been (co-) founder of many of these networks. As part of Utrecht School of the Arts, the Faculty of Visual Art and Design also cooperates in some major international networks like ELIA, Utrecht Network, MAUI, AEN, ISEP and EAIE.

National role

The Faculty is very active within the city and region of Utrecht. She collaborates amongst others with University of Utrecht and the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Utrecht). But there are also numerous alliances with cultural and industrial organizations.

Main focus

HKU University of the Arts Utrecht is at the heart of Utrecht’s cultural and student life. With over 4000 students, HKU is one of the largest schools of art in Europe. We offer preparatory courses, bachelor and master programmes and research degrees in fine art, design, media, games and interaction, music, theatre and arts management.


Faculties and departments

Faculty of Visual Art and Design

Utrecht School of Fine Art

Utrecht School of Design
- Graphic design
- Photography
- Illustration
- 3D design
- Industrial design
- Intelligent product design
- Fashion design
- Interior architecture
- Urban interior architecture

Utrecht School of Visual Art and Education

Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design
- Fine art
- Editorial design
- Fashion design
- Interior design
- Public space design

Bachelor level programs

Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA)
Bachelor of Design (BDes) in:
- Urban interior architecture
- Interior architecture
- Graphic design
- Photography
- Illustration
- 3D design
- Industrial design
- Intelligent product design
- Fashion design
Bachelor of Education (BEd) in:
- Visual Art and Design
Duration of study: 4 years

Master level programs

Master of Fine Art (MA)
Master of Arts (MA) in Design:
- pathway Urban interior design
- pathway Editorial design
- pathway Interior design
- pathway Fashion design
Duration of study: 12 months


Research activity and main areas

Readership Artistic research
Co-founder of PRE-Design network
Integration of theory in practice
The reflective designer


Subject areas for exchange students

Fine Art, Design, Art & Education

Application deadlines

1 May (for Autumn semester)
1 October (for Spring semester)

Teaching languages

Dutch or English

Semester dates

Autumn semester: September-December
Spring semester: January-June

Cost of living per month (studying and living)




  • Bachelor: 1200
  • Master: 50
  • Doctorate: n/a

Exchange students

  • 50 incoming
  • 20 outgoing
  • 150 other (continuing education, post-experience courses, other)

Teaching staff

  • n/a Professors
  • n/a Lecturers
  • n/a Other permanent teachers
  • n/a Part-time teachers