Cumulus Green Award following the Kyoto Design Declaration from 2008 to the future

Cumulus Green is an international design award focused on cultivating and leading global cultures, societies and industries towards more ecological and responsible solutions.


The aim of Cumulus Green is to stimulate design actions, projects and research leading to a more sustainable society. Through Cumulus Green Cumulus implements the aims and goals listed in the Kyoto Design Declaration.

On the 28th of March 2008, President Christian Guellerin, Past President Yrjö Sotamaa and the Cumulus Executive Board, representing at the time the 124 global members of Cumulus, signed the Kyoto Design Declaration. The Declaration received support from four major international design organizations ICSID, BEDA, AIGA and EIDD.

By signing the Kyoto Design Declaration, the members of Cumulus committed to sharing global responsibility for building sustainable, human-centred and creative societies.

The Cumulus Green is one of the actions decided by the Cumulus Board as a direct consequence of Kyoto Design Declaration.

The establishment of the Cumulus Green award was a commitment of all member institutions towards global responsibility, human centred design methods and solutions, improving quality of life, creating optimism for the future and improving economic, social and cultural benefits for all people around the world.

Organized editions:

GREEN AWARD 2008 – 2009

Shortly after the Declaration was signed in March 2008, Cumulus supported the Aspen Design Challenge, “Designing Water’s Future” organized by AIGA/INDEX. One hundred forty member institutions were encouraged to enter the international cross-disciplinary contest challenging students to develop design solutions that encourage responsible water use, provide access to fresh water to those in need and increase awareness about the importance of water conservation.

In general, 26 Cumulus member institutions from 15 countries participated by providing 72 individual and team projects. Five projects qualified to the Final Round for AIGA/INDEX. All works submitted by Cumulus member institutions were further evaluated by a Cumulus Jury (Jury approved by the Executive Board consisting of Fred Murrell, Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, USA and Per-Olof Landgren, HDK – School of Design and Crafts Gothenburg University, Sweden) to announce the first three finalists of Cumulus Green to be awarded during the Cumulus conference in Melbourne, Australia in November 2009. A world-class designer Prof. Xiao Yong, CAFA, China was assigned to design the logo for the competition and award certificates.

Project: Emergency Water Purifier for Flood Conditions
Author: Ozgur Ceren Bagatar
Umea Institute of Design, Sweden
Project advisor: Peter Avondoglio
(Also a finalist for AIGA/INDEX award)

Project: EVE, water service
Authors – team work: Simon Vanquaethem, Morgane Léchard, Damien Arlettaz, Weijun Chen, Benjamin Salabay, Diana Goldemberg
Ensci, les Ateliers (National school of industrial design), France
Supervisor: Christophe Gaubert

Project: Water for All
Authors – team work: Yong Jun Choi, Yoon Jung Kang, Eun Byeol Ko
The Graduate School of Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea
Supervisor: Dong Ryun Chang
Prizes: 2000 EUR per each project
The finalists were invited to attend the award giving ceremony during the Cumulus conference in Melbourne, Australia in November 12-14, 2009 where they works were exhibited.

Read more about the projects:


Cumulus Green award was awarded again in Shanghai, China on 8 September 2010 during the Cumulus conference ‘Young creators for Better city, better life’ hosted by Tongji University.

The winner work was chosen from among 400 projects submitted for the Cumulus 20th Anniversary Exhibition; the jury consisted of Cumulus President and Executive Board members.
The award consists of award certificate and 2000 EUR.

Author: Mike White
From Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
Tutor: Melanie Dodd and Diego Ramirez-Lovering

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For researchers
Michelle Hankinson, Durban University of Technology and Amanda Breytenbach, University of Johannesbueg, South Africa
for the best paper on sustainability submitted for the Cumulus conference Northern World Mandate held on May 24 – 26, 2012 in Helsinki, Finland.
The award consists of certificates and travel grants of 1000 EUR each to attend the next Cumulus conference in Santiago, Chile with presentations.

Read the paper:


Awarded in Milan to Katharina Macheiner and Wendy Yuehan Liu
June 7 – 30, 2015 to June 30th

The exhibition opening was a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Cumulus and the end of the International Cumulus conference titled The Virtuous Circle. Design culture and experimentation hosted by POLIMI.

Cooking Stories
DEGREE PROGRAMME: Masterstudiengang Design und Produktmanagement, Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Homemade Tofu Kit
DEGREE PROGRAMME: 1st semester MA project _ From Linear to Cyclic, Lund University

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