Cumulus Think Tanks: Call for Publications by the Cumulus Working Groups

Application deadline: October 30, 2017

The Cumulus Think Tank publications are to share knowledge and facilitate discussion and development, not only in education and research but with any other stakeholders, corporate or public within the fields where Cumulusians work and present.

The Cumulus General Assembly on 2 June 2017 in Kolding Denmark decided to open the call.
Cumulus provides it members a wide, dynamic and flexible international context for dialogue and innovation since 1990. Cumulus promotes and empowers the talent of the next generation of creative and responsible professionals. It facilitates exchange of knowledge, sharing best practices and research results in our fields. Cumulus encourages collaboration with industry, professional bodies, enterprises, civil society and government and NGO´s to address the contemporary
challenges through art, design and media. Cumulus has around 260 institutional members from 56 countries, it has a wide network of partnership and can serve a minimum of 400.000 students and several thousands of staff members. Cumulus has partnership with institutions like AIGA, ADADA, ADR, BEDA, DINZ, DOGA, Design Research Society, RSA, EIDD, IASDR, ico-D, iF Germany, Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP), National Innovation Foundation of India, Honeybee Network, Sristi and GIAN, NASAD, DESIS Network, Pro Arte, ELIA, Alvar Aalto Foundation, OHIM of the European Union, Pro Arte. Other new ones may come serving the members and ensuring transfer of knowledge and sharing practices with stakeholders close to the areas Cumulus represent. Cumulus endorsed by UNESCO.

Cumulus Executive Board has decided in its meeting in March 2017 to support three (3) publications by the Cumulus Working Groups. The aim is to provide a transparent and collaborative platform for sharing the knowledge by the working groups and an opportunity for art, design and media educators and researchers to reach a wider network. Each publication will get a grant of max 10.000 € by Cumulus.

The topic and content is to be defined by the proposing group. The idea is to address an issue relevant to education and research in our areas. The aim is to share knowledge and facilitate discussion and development, not only in education and research but with any other stakeholders, corporate or public within the fields where Cumulusians work and present. Anybody with an idea for publication, but not knowing the working group it would belong to, please contact the Cumulus secretariat for advice.

1. The bid is binding.
2. The publication is published in the name of Cumulus International Association of Universities and Colleges in Art, Design and Media.
3. The call aims at a number of Cumulus member institutions existing as Cumulus Working Groups to publish together. Cumulus Working Groups are the ones that e.g. may hold their meetings in connection with the two annual Cumulus main conferences.
4. The design of the publication follows the Cumulus Think Tank Guidelines, please consult the secretariat.
5. The publication will get an ISBN number and any equivalent organized by the Cumulus secretariat unless otherwise negotiated.
6. The language of the publication is English.
7. The working group must show the plan of reviewing the quality of the publication.
8. Every Cumulus Working Group of Cumulus has a leading person. The group works out the application with this lead person who is the key contact for the Cumulus secretariat in publishing and the editing process unless otherwise defined by the group.
9. A third party or any further one in publishing can be any existing member, partner of Cumulus or any other. Regarding any partner, the secretariat must be consulted and an agreement may be signed between the third party or any further one and Cumulus.
10. Cumulus will have the right to publish as well as to use the photos or equivalent visual material in the publication organized by the writer or the group. The key contact person coordinates with the Cumulus secretariat that each author signs a contract on the publishing including the right given to Cumulus to use the visual material.
11. The group will work out additional financial support for the publication. If any contract necessary with any other party concerning the financial support for the publication, the contract must be negotiated with the assistance of the Cumulus secretariat and may be signed in the name of Cumulus by the secretariat.
12. The Cumulus grant payment is negotiable with the secretariat. The aim is the final payment is be done after the publication is finished.
13. The applications will be approved by the Cumulus Executive Board that may further work
out a scientific committee or equivalent in order to assure the scientific level and quality of the publication with the working group selected. The board may also set up an additional person or a team to further assure the quality or any equivalent for the success of the publication.
14. The publication will be marketed through the Cumulus website and social media by the Cumulus secretariat.
15. The aim is the publication is a free downloadable through the Cumulus site. If any other source of sharing the publication, it must be negotiated in collaboration with the Cumulus secretariat. Each group also understands depending on the nature of the publication, there can be also a shortened or the original version of the publication downloadable through the Cumulus App, to be negotiated with the Cumulus secretariat.
16. Cumulus keeps the right on the opportunity to sell the publication. If so, it is negotiated by the Cumulus secretariat with the group.
17. The publication must be published at the latest within one year from the decision of the Cumulus Executive Board. If any delays, the group must contact the secretariat and may get extension time for the publication upon approval by the board or the grant and the right to publish in the name of Cumulus may expire.

The Cumulus Executive Board will select the granted publications in the board meeting after the call is closed. In the selection, the board will consider how challenging the content is and how it reflects current issues, as well as the relevance of the publication to the Cumulus family and the global community around.

The board may negotiate with the applicants regarding the application before its final decision and consult other stakeholders before its decision. The board is entitled to a decision not to fund one group consecutively and it may postpone the application to the next round. The board aims to decide in its November 2017 meeting during the time of Cumulus Bengaluru India conference, 20-23 November 2017.

How to present the application?
The Cumulus Working group to apply must do the application in English:

1. Name of the Cumulus Working Group applying, key contact person and the list of the group
members by name and the institution. (Contact information: Address, email,
phone/skype/whatsapp etc.)
2. Information in detail of role of the group members defining their duties in the publishing process
3. Information of any other partners as in item 1. and 2. as above.
4. a. content of the publication (general description of the idea)
b. authors known when the application is left in
c. draft of the name of the publication etc. equivalent
d. any need known for the Creative Commons licenses and equivalent.
5. The plan for the scientific committee/quality assurance for the application by the Working Group.
6. Publishing plan (from the idea to the publication, time etc.)
7. Budget of the publication & estimate of in-kind incl. (budget can exceed the grant, if so, an additional funding plan to be shown. Additional funding, source: Name of the institution, address, email, phone etc. and amount.)
8. Any other information

Further information:
Cumulus Secretariat Justyna Molik

The deadline for the applications is 30 October 2017 by email to; Justyna Molik;

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