Exhibition: Nature Embedded- a design technology experience

MoMA Mumbia, India
February 3 – March 4, 2018

The Exhibition themed on the Human’s everyday and everyman relationship with Nature hopes to bring to attention the fact that cultures such as ours had once consciously built their lives around Nature’s ways by following Nature’s rhythms, tapping into Nature’s resources, and emulating Nature’s designs. In time, this process of following Nature around had come to become tacit, ubiquitous and sub-conscious.

National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Mumbai
Ministry of Culture, Govt of India
IDC School of Design and DesigninIndia

– a design technology experience

3rd February to 4th March 2018, National Gallery of Modern Art (MoMA), Mumbai

About the Exhibition:

‘Nature Embedded: a Design Technology Experience’ is an exhibition consisting of fifteen different medias that range from the conventional calligraphy, expressive photography, tessellated murals and product installations, to the more unconventional and emerging medias that leverage ethnography, infographics, motion graphics and interactivity(s) to convey life’ myriad messages.

In the process, Humans had also found it imperative to protect and preserve Nature from the deleterious effects of unbridled greed that Humans can be capable of.
In offering this tribute to Nature, the Exhibition finds it opportune to leverage Design and Technology as expressive tools with which to convey the idea of our intersections with Nature. And yet, remaining artistic as a celebration of Art as a mirror of Society,

Finally, the Exhibition also attempts to showcase the fairly systematic process that lies behind the use of a design cycle, deployed here from start to finish. And in sharing this with our audience, we hope to make the process of design and technology a more transparent affair than it usually is.


1. Memories of Nature
. Visualizing Art and Design as inspired by Nature
. in the form of Infographics and Installations

2. Nature Restored
. a Walkthrough of the Human’s Journey through Nature
. in the form of Floor Graphics and Mural

3. Elements of Nature
. a View of the Facets of Nature
. in the form of Animated Digital Wall

4. Narratives on Nature
. through the Eyes of the Lens capturing Nature in all its Glory
. in the form of Expressive Still Photography + Virtual Reality (VR)

5. ‘So Tweet the Earth’
. a Parody on the Lack of Sustainability
. in the form of Cartoons

6. Kumbh Mela – Ganga (Rishikesh), Godavari (Nashik) and Kshipra (Ujjain)
. an Ethnographic (Human) View of Life and Nature
. in the form of an Interactive Book(s)

7. Points of View – Water, Land and Sky
. a non-Human (Fish’s, Dog’s and Bird’s) View of Nature
. through Interactive Digital Walkthroughs

8. Day and Night
. understanding the Daily Cycle of Time
. through an Interactive Hologram

9. Origins of Life
. a Tessellated View of Underwater Lifeforms
. through Interactive Digital Floor Tiles

10. A Bird’s Eye-view
. a giant Kaleidoscope Capturing Live Movements of Viewers
. in the form of a 360 degree Responsive Projection with Robotic Camera

11. Messages on Nature
. through Typography-Calligraphy Explorations
. in the form of Scrolls

12. The Diverse World of H2O (Water)
. Ideas on Sustainability from around the World
. in the form of Graphical Posters

13. The Sacred Forest
. Self-discovery through Inter-connections
. assembling Tetrahedron-shaped Graffiti Puzzles

14. Nature Stories
. Experiencing Stories Tangibly
. in the form of Building Blocks

15. Wind Chime
. a Physical Tangible presentation of the 5 Elements of Nature
. in the form of Kinetic Sculpture

Contact Details:
If you have specific questions regarding this event, please do not hesitate to contact:

Chetan Bhuj: Mobile: 9769577540, naturembedded@gmail.com
NGMA: 022-2288 1969/70/71 ngma.mumbai@gmail.com

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