Instituto Superior de Diseño (ISDi)

mission statement

Conduct the substantive activities of pre and postgraduate, scientific research and university extension, to guarantee the integral education of students in the professions of industrial design and visual communication design, guaranteeing an integral and continuous formation of highly qualified designers, with capacity of Scientific and Political leadership at the service of Cuban society and sustainable development of the country.

international role

ISDi is the only University of  Design in Cuba. Design need high international activity and collaboration. As a part of international community of Design, and more specifically in Latin American Countries, ISDi is a reference in design education model. Universities from more than 20 counries from Latin America and Europe have deep and active collaboration and exchange with our University. The main ways of this collaboration are international workshops, students exchange, training courses, Master degree program and so on.

national role

In Cuba, ISDi as the only University of Design has a very important role with the rest of the Universities, making efforts to show the partners Universities the importance of the Design in the study of their specialties like engineering, economics, enterprises sciences, communication, architecture, and so on, because as is known, design is inside of all there specialties.

Our University is also an interface between academic and business world, giving to the students and teachers, researchers the possibility to exchange and learn from the reality and apply their scientific knowledge to the real companies.

main focus

Our University is totally focused on Design. In Design we have two faculties, Industrial Design and Visual Communication Design.

We are mainly oriented to get bachelor degree on both fields of design. The main areas of the industrial designer student are: Object design (furniture, equipment, utensils, packaging, equipment, textile, shoes), Space Design (Iside and outside, domestic, commerecial, malls, touristic), Machinery Design(Transports, machines, tools). The main areas of Visual Communication Design are: Graphic Design (Editorial design, brochure, catalogues, cards,  magazines, books, illustrations), Audiovisual Design (Promotional video and spot, animation 2D, 3D), Space Design (Orientation signs, billboards, ambient graphic, stand), Digital Design (Multimedia, WEB, digital magazine), Branding (Logo, Institutional handbook, campaign, institutional and promotional accesories)

And also our Master degree is oriented to Design Management.

faculties and departments

Industrial Design Faculty

Visual Communication Design Faculty

bachelor level programs

Industrial Designer

Visual Communication Designer

The duration of bachelor program studying is 4 years.

master level programs

Master in Design Management.

Duration: 2 years

research activity and main areas

The main research areas are:

  • Integral management of the innovation process.
  • Industrial Design Management
  • Management of Visual Communication Design.
  • Design as an area of scientific and technological knowledge.
  • Design of computer interfaces.
  • Design requirements for user interfaces aimed at neurorehabilitation of subjects with Parkinson's disease.
  • Design and Environment.
  • New Technologies for Product Design.
  • Didactics of Industrial Design.
  • Didactics of Visual Communication Design.
  • Didactics of Technology for Design

doctorate level programs

No doctoral level program available at this moment, the approval is in process.

subject areas for exchange students

Industrial Design (Product, Machinery, Fashion, Space)

Visual Communication Design ( Graphic, Typography, audiovisual, Branding)

Design Management

application deadlines

June 30th and November 30th of each year.

teaching languages


semester dates

First Semester: September  to January

Second Semester: February to July

cost of living per month (studying and living)

Studying costs is in relation with the duration of the exchange period.

If the duration is one semester, the cost is 3000.00 Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC)

In case of short duration course, the cost is 8.00 CUC per teaching hour.

Living cost are in relation with the year season. The University has no available capacity for accommodation but we can help with economic prices in the private houses around the school.

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