Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) Faculty of Art & Design, University of the Arts The Hague

mission statement

The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK) educates students to become independent and self-aware artists and designers with investigative mindsets, distinctive visual and conceptual abilities, and the capacity to produce authentic and in-depth creative work capable of playing a meaningful role in both their chosen disciplines and in society as a whole. 

international role

The Royal Academy of Art collaborates with 40 international partner institutions mainly in the field of student and teacher exchange and projects and is an active member of three international associations in the field of art education and international education.

national role

The Royal Academy of Art has been a leader in educating artists and designers since 1682, has an exceptional level of experience in higher education provision, and a long and rich history. Together with the Royal Conservatoire, we form the University of the Arts, The Hague; and through a joint arrangement with the University of Leiden, the University of the Arts participates in the Academy of Creative & Performing Arts.

main focus

BA, MA, art, design

faculties and departments

The Royal Academy of Art and the Royal Conservatoire together form the University of the Arts, The Hague. The Royal Academy of Art is the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design.

Bachelor departments Autonomous Art

Bachelor departments Design


Preparatory Courses

PhD in collaboration with Leiden University

bachelor level programs

  • BA ArtScience (full-time - 4 years)
  • BA Fine Arts (full-time - 4 years, part-time - 4 years, double degree - 4 years)
  • BA Graphic Design (full-time - 4 years)
  • BA Interactive/Media/Design (full-time - 4 years)
  • BA Interior Architecture and Furniture Design (full-time - 4 years)
  • BA Photography (full-time - 4 years, part-time - 4 years)
  • BA Textile and Fashion (full-time - 4 years)

master level programs

  • MA Artistic Research - 2 years
  • M.Mus ArtScience - 2 years
  • MA Industrial Design - 2 years
  • MA Non-Linear Narrative - 2 years
  • MA Interior Architecture - 2 years
  • MA Type and Media - 1 year

research activity and main areas

Research is an integral component of the learning culture at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) The Hague. Research has gained increasing importance in artistic- and design practice in recent decades. There is a strong focus on research within the study programmes at the KABK. Research is also conducted by tutors at the KABK. The lectorates play an important role in nurturing and coordinating research by tutors and in developing the research aspect in the curricula. The particular complexion of research at the KABK is characterised by its intensive collaboration with Leiden University. Through these activities, the KABK hopes to contribute to the discourse and practice of research-driven art and design. The outcomes of research by students and staff are shared through multiple channels including exhibitions, performances, publications, and symposia.

doctorate level programs


PhDArts, a collaboration between Leiden University Academy of Creative and Performing Arts and the Royal Academy of Art, is a high-level international doctorate programme in visual art and design. PhDArts functions as a platform for artists who regard theoretical reflection and artistic practice as intrinsically related and complementary. A unique programme in the Netherlands, PhDArts creates new possibilities for art and its practitioners through questioning and breaking down existing boundaries between art theory and art practice. 

subject areas for exchange students

All bachelor programmes are open to exchange students.

application deadlines

1 May - Winter term
1 October - Spring term

teaching languages

Bachelors, Masters, PhDArts: English
Preparatory courses: English/Dutch

semester dates

Semester 1: September - January
Semester 2: February - June

cost of living per month (studying and living)


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