Universidad de las Artes International Affairs Department

mission statement

Provide a socially transformative education in the arts that enhances our future professionals’ abilities to think critically while promoting a spirit of social consciousness. Offering an education that fuels a desire to develop interdisciplinary practices leading to groundbreaking research in the arts from a critical, creative and innovative perspective.

international role

The communication possibilities allowed by the new technologies, facilitate the internationalization of the University of the Arts. This process involves different aspects such as: the participation of teachers trained abroad, the visit of foreign teachers and artists as special guests, as well as the intervention of the community of teachers and students of the UArtes abroad. On the other hand, the teaching of foreign languages to students serves as a tool for understanding other cultures, opening up to new horizons and allowing their mobility.

national role

Universidad de las Artes is the first national public university dedicated exclusively to promote the training of ecuadorian and latin american students of arts. We want to promote Ecuador as an interdisciplinary space that integrates the fields of education, research, production and the dissemination of the arts and knowledge with special emphasis and focus on South-South cooperation initiatives.

main focus

Foster a holistic environment that values the role of professionals, academics and researchers of the arts; its contribution to the economy and the transformation of society, thereby stimulating a real change in the Production Model.

faculties and departments

We have 5 Schools:

  • Film
  • Literature
  • Sonorous Arts
  • Scenic Arts
  • Visual Arts


  1. Cross Cultural Studies
  2. Foreign Language
  3. Body Practice Center
  4. Center of Academic Writing and Translations
  5. Reasearch and Posgraduate Studies (ILIA)
  6. Innovation and Production Laboratory

bachelor level programs

We offer 7 Bachelor Level Programs:

  • BA in Film
  • BA in Literature
  • BA in Scenic Creation
  • BA in Music
  • BA in Musical Production
  • BA in Visual Arts
  • BA in Dance



master level programs

We do not offer Master Level Programs yet, however, this year we are working with some of our partners in arts to create our own programs.

research activity and main areas

Research in Arts,for the Arts and through the Arts

  •  Amazonian Indigenous Literatures
  •  Cultural and Material Heritage
  •  Salsa Rythym History in Guayaquil
  •  Interculturability
  •  Literacies from the artistic languages

doctorate level programs

We do not offer Doctorate Level Programs yet.

subject areas for exchange students

Summer School 2018


application deadlines

From March 12th until April 30th 2018

teaching languages

Teaching Languages:

  1. English
  2. French
  3. Portuguese
  4. Kichwa


semester dates

Academic Calendar

Semester B

Inscription: September 18th to September 22nd

Classes: October 2nd to February 17th

Semester A

Inscriptions: March 26th to March 30th

Classes: April 9th to July 27 th

cost of living per month (studying and living)

Living expenses:

  1. $200 - $400/housing per month - varies according to house specs.
  2. $180/food per month


  • Depending on the agreement, most students would not pay for the classes of the semester in exchange.


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