Save the Date for the ARTS BASEL

FHNW Academy of Art und Design Basel, Switzerland
June 13 – 22, 2017


We gladly invite you to join our annual SUMMER PARTY
with exhibition openings (TOBIAS NUSSBAUMER / INGELA IHRMAN / NEU | NOW) performances, apéros, bars, barbeque and the electronic music festival EMERGING REAL.
From 6:30 pm until 2 am
Free entry to all the events

Campus der Künste Basel
FHNW Academy of Art and Design
Freilager-Platz 1
4023 Basel

Getting there
Take Tram Line 11 (From Basel SBB toward Aesch, Tram Stop Freilager)
Or our shuttle Bus at 7 pm and 7:30 pm from Art Basel (at Isteinerstrasse)

Contact us
T +41 61 228 44 70

From around 6:30 pm until late in the night
Emerging Real @Freilager-Platz
The FHNW Academy of Art and Design curates the electronic music festival “Emerging Real” at the Campus of the Arts with national and international DJs and live acts on two stages:

There will be a live broadcast of the event on Radio X ( / 94.5 FM) – covering the electronic live acts and the festival DJs as well as interviews with the artists and curators who, with their works and exhibitions, are part of Celebrating the Campus of the Arts.

Afterwards, the nearby club Elysia (Frankfurt-Strasse 36, 4053 Basel) offers an after-party with sets by Garçon (Amenthia | Basel), Timnah Sommerfeldt (Home | Basel) and Philipp Weibel (Sense | Basel).

7:30 pm
Inauguration of VECTORS & SKIN – Tobias Nussbaumer
Art in public spaces! “Vectors & Skin” by Swiss artist Tobias Nussbaumer in its idiosyncratic form is a sculptural, yet processual work that combines complexity, with poetry and an integrative potential:
it reflects both its own local conditions in the sense of the actual context and structure, and relates to the history of the utilisation of Dreispitz as an industrial-urban site. In addition, it also adds a new kind of “action locus” expressed through a space in the emerging neighbourhood centred around the Campus of the Arts: from a distance recognizable as a vertical sculpture, its perception and reception changes on getting closer as the sculpture shimmers between an external viewpoint and something that you can mount or even enter. The audience looks to the campus from diverse heights and orientations: the outside becomes the inside, and they experience a new, real space; they occupy it and play it — a pleomorphism. With “Vectors & Skin”, Tobias Nussbaumer strives to articulate a play on perception, to lay down a mark, an interaction, a process, a changeable habitat on the completed campus.
The work is commissioned by the Canton of Basel-Stadt, represented by the Division of Cultural Affairs.

The opening reception on June 13th 2017 takes place with addresses by Dr. Katrin Grögel (Division of Cultural Affairs, Canton Basel-Stadt) and Kirsten M. Langkilde (FHNW Academy of Art and Design).
The artist is present.

8 pm
Guided tour with Chus Martínez and performance by INGELA IHRMAN – THE INNER OCEAN
The Swedish artist Ingela Ihrman is presenting her solo show “The Inner Ocean”, a new commission for der TANK, the exhibition space of the FHNW Academy of Art and Design. Ingela Ihrman’s work is characterized by tactile craft techniques, hobbyism and poetic absurdism and borrows from amateur theatre as well as from science. Her practice moves freely between performance art, installations, and writing. Costumes and staged situations are reoccurring elements in her presentations, bringing creatures into life while i.e. giving birth or blooming. This will also be the case on June 13th!

“The Inner Ocean” is curated by Chus Martínez and coproduced by the Institut Kunst with the Nature Addicts Fund as part of an ongoing collaboration.

The exhibition runs until June 22nd 2017 and can be viewed on request:
Simon Wuersten,

Opening hours during Art Basel
June 14th, 15th, and 16th 2017: 4 pm to 8 pm
17th and 18th June 2017: 2 pm to 6 pm and on request.

8:30 pm
Opening NEU | NOW #9

Now entering its 9th edition, NEU | NOW showcases top graduating students and recent graduates of higher arts education institutions from across Europe and beyond in all art disciplines for the third time during Art Basel: With Jaeyong Choi (Germany), Theodore Livesey & Jacob Storer (Belgium) and Lana Ruellan (France).

The exhibition addresses the Next Generation and their socio-political responsibilities in the contexts of vision and innovation through art and design: from a cloud made with cable ties as a metaphor for “Vermehrung” or multiplication; to a performance that re-contextualizes written words by building fiction and breaking reality and the representation of nature through the artificial composition of gems, social and environmental awareness becomes shape.

During the opening, the performance “This page intentionally left blank” by Theodore Livesey & Jacob Storer will take place. This performance will be given again on June 14th 2017.
The exhibition runs until June 16th 2017.
Opening hours: 8 am – 5 pm

NEU | NOW is an initiative of the Swiss Cultural Entrepreneurship platform at the FHNW Academy of Art and Design in cooperation with the European League of Institutes of the Arts ELIA.

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