Cumulus Proceedings Shanghai 2010

College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, China
Documenting Cumulus conference Young Creators for Better City & Better Life held on September 6-10, 2011 in Shanghai, China

Cumulus Proceedings Shanghai
Young Creators For Better City, Better Life

Yongqi LOU
Xiaocun ZHU

ISBN: 978-952-60-0046-6
Helsinki, Shanghai 2010



This proceedings collects the selected papers of Cumulus 2010 Shanghai
Conference hosted by College of Design Innovation of Tongji University. All of the papers included in this proceedings were peer-reviewed by the review committee.



10 Federica Vacca, Paola Bertola
Fashion Artisan in Design Culture. An interpretative model

18 Jacqueline Otten, Michael Krohn
Regional Knowledge and Global Design

21 Otto von Busch
Neighborhoodies – Fashion for Liquid Localities and Glocal Grace

26 Stephen J Clune
Inverting the Solution into the Problem: Design, Practice theory and Behavioural Change for Sustainability

33 Pamela Visconti
Chromosustainability. Color as an opportunity to defi ne a new design and consumption model

39 Stuart Walker
Design, Aesthetics and Spiritual Values

48 Andrea Mendoza
From Hubs to Habitats

57 Jessica Irish, Jane Pirone
Urban Research Tool (URT) : a Geoweb technology for intergenerational research in urban settings

63 Eleonora Lupo, Francesca Valsecchi
Designing local cultures evolution and socialisation within the global knowledge


69 Ian McArthur
Creating Culturally Adaptive Pedagogy

76 Katie Gaudion MPhi
The Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE): Encouraging Play and Promoting Well-being for all ages

83 Theresa De Lobo
Oporto Rehabilitation Concept

90 Sali Sasaki
Cities x Design: Best-practice Examples from the United States

97 Moses C.C. WONG Gracie M.Xiang
Design and Innovation for agein society: an opportunity for cross boundary exchange

101 Jo-Anne Bichard
Everybody Goes: Designing age-friendly toilet solutions

108 Pei-Chi Su Shang-Chia Chiou, Chen-Yu Chuang
The Study of the Context of Taiwan’s Traditional Craftsman in Japanese Occupation Times- Based on Household Information in the Chiayi

113 C. K. Peter Chuah Jin Ma, Denny Kwok-leung Ho
Understanding users: A phenomenological study on design educators and students experiencing user study in design


120 Gisele Raulik-Murphy, Gavin Cawood
Historical review of the paradigm shift in design policies

126 Loredana Di Lucchio
What’s Design in China? A reflection about if and how the Chinese Design is focused on the social and cultural impact of products

133 Tsai-Lin Yang Ming-Chyuan Ho
A Study on the Model of a Culture centered Creative Industry

140 Yu-Shan Tseng Ming-Chyuan Ho
Design For the Individual Needs

145 Mary Maina
Social Innovation through Co-design:selected cases from South Africa

152 Anne Flemmert Jensen, Mette Mikkelsen, Poul Rind Christensen
Between User Driven and Design Driven Innovation

159 Priscilla Chueng-Nainby
Where is the Conceptual Design Stage?

165 John Wood
Co-designing Team Synergies within Metadesign: Design visions, proposals and tools

173 Yanki Lee Denny Ho Kwok Leung
Designing with People:Developing a digital platform for knowledge transfer and exchange of inclusive design methodology

180 Francesca Valsecchi, Paolo Ciuccarelli Donato Ricci, Giorgio Caviglia
The DensityDesign lab : communication design experiments among complexity and sustainability

187 Angélica María García y Juliette Ospina

192 Ozlem Er
How Would Design Education Engage with the Local Territorial Context?

197 Xiaocun Zhu Pius Leuba dit Galland
Environment Designer – Quo Vadis? on the current and future situation of a still emerging design discipline


205 Astrid Skjerven
The Concept of Scandinavian Design: A potential for developing a qualitatively sustainable Chaina

210 Miaosen Gong, Ezio Manzini, Federico Casalegno
Mobilized Collaborative Services: Promising cases on mobile communication for social innovation and their design implications

216 Luigi Ferrara, Elise Hodson, Yen Trinh
Renovating the Suburbs for a Sustainable Future: A World House Year 3 Project at the Institute without Boundaries

221 Liliane Chaves
Three Creative Communities in Curitiba, Brazil

227 Xin Liu
State of Arts and Prospects of China’s Education on Design for Sustainability: Curriculum Research based on LeNS Project

234 Anna Meroni
Design for services and place development:Interactions and relations as ways of thinking about places: the case of periurban areas

242 Joon Sang Baek Fang Zhong
How do information communication technologies facilitate the diffusion of grassroots social innovations and reinforce social networks of local communities?

248 Jakki Dehn
REMATERIALISE sustainable materials library: a catalyst for evolution, innovation and collaboration

255 Melike Tascioglu
First Things at Last: Questions on the Education of a Socially Responsible Graphic Designer

261 Scott Boylston
Deconstructing Demolition: Emergent Structures in Material Re-use and Social Innovation

267 Kaoru Sunada Yoshitoshi Tanaka
Research on Intellectual Property Management for Social Ventures in Japan

274 Maíra Gomes Prestes
Social Innovation: an opportunity for Sustainable Design projects

279 Theresa De Lobo
Directing Sustainability through Higher Education in Architecture

286 Ji Tie Yang Qiuyue
Design Power and Social Innovation Exploring Design Practice Method Based on Network Community

292 Anna Zandanel
The use of household appliances:designing to support sustainable behavior

297 Ulla Johansson
Reality Studios: A Combined Device for Education, Research Social Change

302 Teresa Franqueira
Creative Places and Strategic Design for Sustainability

310 Hannah Jones Rachel Wingfield
MetaboliCity: How can design support the cultivation of place in the city?

320 Bahram Ghadimi MD Erika Cortés
Participative design: an exercise about social design

325 Xian Zhang Salil Sayed
DESIS 09: Social Innovation at the Grassroots:Design tools for the sustainable lifestyles in Wuxi

330 Penny Herscovitch Dan Gottlieb, Liliana Becerra, Mariana Amatullo, David Mocarski
Safe Agua: A Collaboration between Un Techo Para Mi País and Art Center College of Design

339 Abby Mellick Lopes, Dena Fam, Jennifer Williams
Designing Sustainable Sanitation through transdisciplinary research:A pilot project of nutrient recovery and reuse

347 Keneilwe Munyai Mugendi M’Rithaa
Local indigenous cultures and modern design innovations: a South African perspective

353 Fang Zhong
Service Design for Territorial Ecology, a Chinese Pilot Case

358 Ding-Bang Luh Chia-Ling Chang
Users’ Searching Approaches for Design Knowledge

369 Melissa Plourde Khoury, Tarek E. Khoury
Sustainability and Design Education, Case Study: Lebanon

374 Pelin Arslan, Xia liu, Valentina Vezzani
Mobile applications in healthcare for pregnant woman and maternal child

380 Yawei Zheng Xiangyang Xin
A method for sustainable product design

386 Anna Meroni Paola Trapani
Public spaces as common good: the role of creative communities and collaborative networks

393 Wendy E Brawer, Bala Mulloth
Green Maps as a Vehicle for Social Change

400 Carla Cipolla Nadia Carvalho
Designing a new food system for Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)

404 Paulina Lasa, Ana María Losada
Product Design for Building Citizenship Public Space, Participatory Design and Citizens

410 Ron L Gross
The Urban Hero as the Agents of Change/ Towards the Future of our cities

415 Virginia Tassinari, Nik Baerten
Designing for togetherness

421 Virginia Cavalcanti
Application of the Triple Top Line Model in the critical analysis of a methodology that takes a social approach to design: the university laboratory called The Imaginary, Recife/ PE Brazil

429 Angelica Garcia
The models of sustainable creative thinking in displaced communities in Colombia

434 Angelica Garcia
Application of the ZONNA methodology in creating sustainable productive practices for the poor people of Bogota- Colombia

440 Anne Marchand, Craig Badke,Stuart Walker
Sustainability and the ‘Weakness of the Will’

446 Lara Penin
Amplifying Creative Communities in New York City

453 Vincenzo Cristallo
From the knowledge society to diffuse creativity, from perceived identity to basic design: Conditions and opportunities for design-enhanced local development

457 Giulia Simeone, Daria Cantu
Feeling Milan. Energies for change

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