Cumulus REDO Conference Proceedings

30 May – 2 June 2017
Hosted by Design School Kolding
Kolding, Denmark

Anne Louise Bang, Head of Research and Development
Mette Mikkelsen, Conference Chair
Anette Flinck, Head of International Relations

Balslev Design Studio
Philip Jensen

E-book ISBN: 978-87-93416-15-4

Proceedings avialable on-line at

REDOING Creativity, Design Process & Student Learning

Paul McElheron:
Building on Design Thinking: The Contribution of Creativity & Knowledge. A Study of two Innovation Workshops

Yuki Taoka, Kaho Kagohashi, Robin Lhommeau and Céline Mougenot:
Exploring the Impact of Power Distance on Co-design Workshops

Dion Star and Andy Neal:
[DiaGram]; Rethinking Graphic Design process

Anke Coumans and Herman Van Hoogdalem:
I see, I see what you can’t see

REDOING Embodiment, Emotionality & Togetherness

Diana Nicholas, Elise Krespan and Shivanthi Anandan:
Mind as a Thing. REDO-ing the Iterative in Design Education

Susan Kozel:
Re-Embodiment. New Strategies for teaching Embodied Interaction

Caroline McCaw and Kathleen Mahoney:
Here I am: Doing Culture Together. A Collaborative Exhibition Project that
considers Cultural Ideas from New Zealand

REDOING Boundaries, Systems & Frameworks
Marc Boumeester:
Design of Education as Education in Design; Destratifying Fields and
Tanja Rosenqvist:
Governance Design

Tido von Oppeln and Christoph Schindler:
Disciplination – Design as Practice between the Disciplines

Maarit Salolainen, Jouni Partanen, Oldouz Moslemian, Eeva Suorlahti,
Panu Kivilahti and Kirsi Niinimäki:
Crossing over Boundaries through Experimental Pedagogy

REDOING Maker Methodologies, Citizenship

Ivan Leroy Brown and Angus Donald Campbell:
Beegin: Redoing Beekeeping in Southern Africa by Designing for Outcomes

Mehmet Ali Altın:
Redoing by Repair: The search for Tacit Knowledge transfer in Furniture Design Education

Ginette Chittick and Maria Walf:
Origami Meets Movement: A Collaboration between Diploma in Fashion and Diploma in Dance at LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

David Serra Navarro:
My Nesthouse: Action through doing Workshop

REDOING Narratives & the Role of Designers

Jenny Pinski, Faith Kane and Mark Evans:
Craft Practice for Sustainability. Re-thinking Commercial Footwear Design Process with a Woven Textile Approach

Danielle Arets and Bas Raijmakers:
Crafting Immersive Narratives of the Future Design-doing as a Method of exploring the Meaning of Immersive Storytelling

Jinyi Wang and Nathan Hughes:
Design Fiction Filmmaking as REDO

REDOING Materiality & Intangible Design

Paula Femenías, Kristina Fridh, Margareta Zetterblom, Svenja Keune, Riikka Talman, Erica Henrysson and Klara Mörk:
Earthy Textiles. Experiences from a Joint Teaching Encounter between Textile Design and Architecture

Pirjo Kääriäinen, Kirsi Niinimäki and Andreas Lindberg:
“CHEMARTSING” – An Experimental, Multidisciplinary, Collaborative and Future Oriented Pedagogy with Wood Based Biomaterials

Alejandra Amenábar Figueroa, Paulina Contreras Correa and Victor Apablaza:
Antibacterial Paper Made of Cellulose and Copper

Lu Yao and Haoming Zhou:
Resilient Rebuilt — A Regenerative Design of Waterfront Landscape in
Urban Fringe

REDOING Creativity, Design Process & Student Learning

Cathy Gale and Darryl Clifton:
Convivial Café and the Design Process: Redoing Design Discourse on the Edges of the Academy

Job Rutgers, Mo-Ling Chui, Matt Hawthorn, John Fass and Åsa Harvard:
Design Competencies Futures

Anna Lottersberger, Sara Desimoni and Jih Ye Min:
Re-do Moodboards: How to wear Milano

Douglas Millar:
Re-do Bauhaus

REDOING Embodiment, Emotionality & Togetherness

Anders Haug:
Three Dimensions of Psychologically Durable Design

Mila Burcikova:
REDO Experience. Envisioning Clothes that can stand the Test of Time

Alex Lobos:
Redefining Sustainability Potential in Product Design

Elisabet M. Nilsson and Sofie Marie Ottsen Hansen:
Becoming a Co-archivist. ReDoing Archival Practices for Democratising the Access to and Participation in Archives

REDOING Boundaries, Systems & Frameworks

Louise St Pierre:
Bioinclusive Pedagogy: ReDo our Relationship with Nature

Joon Sang Baek and Ezio Manzini:
ICT-empowered Collaborative Services: Technical Ecosystem and Social Forms

Desiree Smal:
Re-thinking the Approach to Environmentally Sustainable Fashion Design Praxis

REDOING Maker Methodologies, Citizenship & Research Communities

Andrea Wilkinson, Ingwio D’Hespeel and Frank Maet:
Digital Designers as Democratic Innovators; Using a designing
for one Approach to challenge Digital Natives

Amar Nath Shaw, Mariana Salgado and Charlotta Liukas:
User Evaluation of a Healthcare Product Design in Rural India.
When Methods run short

Hannah Glatte and Florian Schütz:
Facing Major Challenges. Codesigning Radical, Reasonable Innovation

Daniel Coppen, Ralf Josef, Florencia Sepulveda Camposano, Hermione
Townsend and John Stevens:
Engage: Redoing how we talk about Depression

REDOING Narratives & the Role of Designers

Nicola Morelli and Amalia de Götzen:
REDOing Design Education: A Framework Proposal for a new Value Creation Process

Vibeke Riisberg and Lynda Grose:
Designing Garments to Evolve Over Time

Susan Evans:
New Visions and the Designer’s Role in Strategically tackling Complex Problems and Conceptualizing Holistic Sustainability

Circe Henestrosa and Harah Chon:
Learning through Disruptive Interactions

REDOING Materiality & Intangible Design

Justyna Starostka and Per Richard Hansen:
Design Thinking in Practice – Introducing Design for Renewing Bank Services

Anke Jakob, Cathy Treadaway, Lesley Collier and Fiona Fowler:
Introducing Designing Attitude in Dementia Care

Linda Paxling:
Exploring Situated Making in Media Technology Education

Margherita Pillan:
Wandering Eyes: Reframing Ethnography and collecting Hints for the Design of Products and Systems for Domestic Environments

REDOING Creativity, Design Process & Student Learning

Koray Gelmez:
Towards a Taxonomy of Design Learning based on Students’ Reflective Writings

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