Design with the other 90%: Cumulus Johannesburg Conference Proceedings

Published by the Greenside Design Center and the University of Johannesburg.

Amanda Breytenbach
Kathryn Pope

Prof Desmond Laubscher
Prof Federico Freschi
Prof Luisa Collina

ISBN 978-0-620-60373-7

© 2014 Cumulus Johannesburg (Greenside Design Center and the University of Johannesburg)

PDF of the publication:


1 Lorraine Amollo Ambole
A Place for Design in Transdisciplinary Research

2 Kim Berman and Lara Allen
Designing Arts-Based Interventions Using MultidisciplinaryPartnerships for a Rural South African Community

3 Amanda Cox and Bjarki Hallgrimsson
Co-Designing in Rural Uganda: Mobility Aids and Income-Generating Devices for People with Disabilities

4 Monica Di Ruvo and Johannes Cronje
#WDC541 Mida Object and Symbol: A Multidisciplinary Participatory Design Workshop

5 Patricia Duignan, Haneen Al Sharif, Hadeer Omar and Byrad Yyelland
From Commission to Social Movement: Research-Led Design in Action

6 Vikki du Preez
Adding Value: Exploring User Contexts in Service Design Toolkits

7 Rael Futerman
The Role of Activity Theory as a Reflection Tool in Participatory Design Practices

8 Ryan Honeyball
Is South Africa Hand-Made? Exploring Postcolonial Representation in The Graphic Design of the Constitutional Court of South Africa

9 Alia Khairat and Thomas Modeen
Not Another Space Suit: A Conceptual Hybrid Design For The Forgotten Masses

10 Raymund Königk
An Interpretive Method for the Analysis of Designed Artefacts

11 Raymund Königk
Interior Design’s 100%: Engaging The Cultural Capital of the ‘Other’

12 Helena Kraff and Eva Maria Jernsand
From Disciplines to Common Ground and Actions: Reflections on a Transdisciplinary Project In Kisumu, Kenya

13 Naudé Malan and Angus Donald Campbell
Design, Social Change and Development: A Social Methodology

14 Khaya Mchunu
The Use of Co-Operative Inquiry to Enhance Collaboration and Participatory Design in a South African Rural Sewing Co-Operative

15 Anna Meroni, Daniela Selloni, Lorraine Gamman and Adam Thorpe
Empowering the Culture of Social Innovation

16 Marina Meyer and Jason Wiggin
Fuckutecture; A Poignant Review on Elitist South African Architecture

17 Shorn Molokwane and Richie Moalosi
The Process of Social Innovation: A Case Study of Quality Baskets

18 Mine Ovacık and Lydia Matthews
YahşIbey Makeovers: Play, Repair and Co-Design

19 Finzi E Saidi
Envisioning the Future of Open Space in the Inner -City of Johannesburg

20 Deepta Sateesh, Kabir Bavikatte, Abhishek Choudhury and Lesle Jansen
Reviving Communities Through Storytelling and Creative Action

21 Carla Amaral, Manuela Taboada and Marianella Chamorro-Koc
Design Democratisation and its Understandings through the Meaning of the Word “Design” in Portuguese Colonised Countries

22 Katherine Bissett -Johnson
Beyond the Artifact; Developing Student Awareness of Contextual Social and Environmental Sustainability

23 Ashley Jane Booth and Linda Lien
Empathy and Creativity

24 Sylvain Després and Thomas Garvey
Practices, Challenges and Lessons Learned at the 2014 ICSID Interdesign Workshop in Mumbai: Drawing Parallels with Socially Responsible Design Education

25 Ingwio D’Hespeel
Mind the Gap: A Multidisciplinary Setting for Socially Engaged Web Design Education

26 Lorella Di Cintio
Design Activism: Scholars as Design Activists

27 Carolanda du Toit
Service-Learning in Interior Design: Reflection as a Tool for Learning

28 Håkan Edeholt
A Design Educational Strategy for Scaling Up Climate Change Approaches in South Africa and Norway

29 Denielle Emans and Kelly Murdoch-Kitt
My Water, My Change: Confronting Global Water Concerns through Cross-Cultural Collaboration

30 Susan Giloi
Design Assessment: A Socially Responsible Practice or Subjective Judgement?

31 Brenden Gray
Design for Development Discourses and Neoliberal Values: Designer, Innovation, Community and Sustainability

32 Sharon Hooper and Marianne Springham
The Tetley Feast: A Community-Engaged Participatory Design Project

33 Michael Hughes
Constructing Community Engagement: Social Factors and Design-Build Education

34 Johanna Kint
Moving Rituals: Cross-Cultural Re-Interpretation of Modern Daily Life Rituals

35 Michael Krohn, Orlando Campo Erazo and Philipe Moreton
Design in Cooperation with Development Aid

36 Michael Leube and Michael Gugg
Design Education for a World out of Balance: A Case Study

37 Henry Mainsah
Pedagogy of Critical Design Literacies for Fast-Changing Futures

38 Shahrezad Morssal and Nada Seet
Design for Incremental Mindshifts

39 Vuyolwethu Motingoa
Socially Responsible Next-Gen Designers 306

40 Carol Overby, Jennifer Wilson and Aaron Fry
Designing Financial Literacy with The Other 90%

41 Kathryn Pope and Robin Turner
Implementing the Kyoto Design Declaration’s Commitment to Socially Responsible Design Education: Reflecting on the Challenges Facing Design Educators

42 Mathilda Tham
Off-Centre – A Call for Humble Lessons for Design How Can Metadesign Perspectives Support Education in Design for Sustainability?


43 Albert Siu-Yin Tsang and Yanki Lee PhD
Democratisation By Design: New Possibilities Of Design Education By Sharing Design Knowledge To The Community

44 Jill van Dugteren
The Body as Ear: Active, Embodied Listening in Participatory Design Research And Pedagogy

45 Christa van Zyl
The Challenges and Complexities Inherent to Multidisciplinary Community Engagement Projects in Service Learning


46 Amanda Breytenbach, Giovanna Di Monte
Addressing the Needs of the Other 90% – The Role of Cycling in Developing the Sustainable Agenda in Johannesburg

47 Terence Fenn
Applying Generative Tools In The Co-Design Of Digital Interactive Products In Development Contexts

48 Helena Hansson, Franklin Mwango, Jennifher Otieno and Maria Nyström
A Transdisciplinary Research Approach: Challenges and Benefits of Co-Production

49 Keneilwe Munyai and Mugendi K. M’Rithaa
Social Cooperatives Model of Development in the Manufacturing Sector: Lessons For South Africa

50 Desiree Smal
Environmentally Sustainable Fashion: A Design-Led Approach

51 Thea Tselepis and Alex Antonites
Mentoring Apprentice Apparel Designers Towards Sustainable Splendor

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