CENTRO School of Design, Film and Digital Media

mission statement

CENTRO´s mission is to guide students from ideas to implementation, balancing talent and discipline, risk and certainty, with an inter-disciplinary and entrepreneurial focus. CENTRO´s strength is its integrated vision: teachers, staff, course content and facilities come together in the same spirit of redefining the scoop of creativity. CENTRO is committed to being at the cutting edge of creativity. In order to do this, the school will always seek out the most talented and accomplished students and faculty members who individually and together demonstrate a profound passion for teaching, lifelong learning, and the value of the creative individual.

international role

CENTRO was founded following intensive research into best practices at the world’s leading design, film and television schools. This international spirit permeates every aspect of CENTRO today, creating an atmosphere that inspires, challenges, surprises and nourishes students, faculty and employees. More than mere image, CENTRO’s vision has created a unique attitude and a way of thinking and acting in the global and local contexts alike.

Shortly after its inauguration in 2004, the CENTRO building was exhibited at the Center for Architecture in New York as a prime example of contemporary Latin American design. Similarly, from its inception the school has sought an administrative team and faculty that reflects the most internationally diverse experiences and perspectives. Collaborations such as Destination Mexico with MoMA have positioned CENTRO as an important player in the international cultural community. CENTRO students’ work has achieved international awareness through participation in Il Salone Internazionale del Mobile, the Croatia Film Festival, D&AD Student Awards in London, and many other venues, as well as in academic exchanges with other leading schools worldwide.

CENTRO, with over 15 academic agreements, links its students to a global professional and academic network. A broad range of partnerships, collaborations and specific programs with national and international institutions generate a multitude of opportunities. CENTRO has also hosted students from more than 12 different countries around the world, promoting diversity among our academic community.

national role

CENTRO generates projects and experiences that foster permanent relationships with industry, opinion leaders, and experts in many creative, entrepreneurial, cultural and education fields.

Projects at CENTRO provide energy and inspiration to the students and others involved. They have positioning the school as a far-reaching creative force within and beyond Mexico´s borders.

A key goal of CENTRO´s projects is to promote unexpected, yet essential encounters that connect professionals from different disciplines and promote creative action in every sphere.

Since 2008, CENTRO has organized and hosted more than 100 conferences, 100 exhibitions, and 90 workshops; more than 650 short films have been produced at the school, and more than 550 projects have been developed in collaboration with leading businesses. Some professional partnerships are Papalote Museo del Niño, Pfizer, Rotoplas, Festival de México en el Centro Histórico, Angel Ventures, Ferstival Cervantino, José Cuervo, Masisa, Distrital Film Festival, Gandhi Bookstore among many others.

main focus

Creative Industries: Design, Film, Digital Media and Marketing.

faculties and departments

Founded in 2004 and located in Mexico City, CENTRO is an institution of higher education in Design, Communication, Film and new Media. As its name suggests, CENTRO embraces the intersection of different fields such as creativity, business, technology and science. The school fosters a careful balance between thought, practice and action, reflected in its interdisciplinary and dynamic curriculum with an entrepreneurial and sustainable focus.

Students have access to a broad range of academic programs including seven undergraduate degrees in Interior Architecture, Film & Television, Industrial Design, Textile & Fashion, Marketing & Advertising, and Digital Media Design; nine graduate degree programs; and continuing education courses in related topics.

At CENTRO all teachers are recognized professionals in their fields who have studied or worked abroad, receiving international grants and awards. They are also given ongoing training on the latest development in creative studies. CENTRO focuses on constantly developing and improving its faculty to offers students access to a deep pool of know-how, experience and extraordinary talent.

bachelor level programs

  1. (BA)  Film and Television, 4 years program. 
  2. (BA)  Industrial Design, 4 years program. 
  3. (BA)  Interior Architecture, 4 years program. 
  4. (BA)  Marketing and Advertising, 4 years program. 
  5. (BA)  Digital Media Design, 4 years program. 
  6. (BA)  Textile and Fashion Design, 4 years program. 
  7. ( BA) Visual Communication

master level programs

  1. MA Design Studies, 2 years program.
  2. MA City (Urbanism Studies), 2 years program.
  3. MA Script (writing), 2 years program.
  4. MA Collective Housing (new), 2 years program.


  1. Contemporary Jewelry Design
  2. Typographic Innovation
  3. Fashion Marketing
  4. Fashion Production and Styling
  5. Material Transformation Technologies

research activity and main areas

  • Creative Economy
  • Social Design
  • Creative Processes
  • Future Studies

Current developing projects:

  1. Design of Tomorrow: Specialty in prospective for social innovation.
  2. Mindblower: Certification of skills for creativity and systematic inventive thinking.
  3. Creative Coefficient (Intensive Courses) and Future Studies.
  4. Storytelling (Course).
  5. Mapping Mexico´s Creative Industries.
  6. Field Expert’s Network.
  7. Processes of Creativity (Seminar).

subject areas for exchange students

  • Design Management
  • Digital Media Design
  • Design Studies
  • Film and Television
  • Industrial Design
  • Interior Architecture
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Social Design
  • Textile and Fashion Design
  • Visual Communication

application deadlines

For Spring Term:  November 1st

For Fall Term: July 1st

teaching languages

All courses are taught in Spanish

semester dates

  1. Spring 2016 fourth week of January to fourth week of May
  2. Fall 2016 second week  of August  to second week of December

cost of living per month (studying and living)

Course:  $1310 € 2016 Figures

Insurance: (From home country)


            Housing: $ 420 € (Sharing a two bedrooms apartment)

            Food expenses:  $360€

            Transportation: From 40 to 60 € (Public Transportation)

Total :2130 €  (Not considering personal expenses)

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