Camondo, interior architecture and design

mission statement

  • A very careful tutelage

As a human-sized school (almost 400 students), Camondo yest deploys almost 65 teachers, all active in their professional field. From 1st to 5th year, the tutoring rate ranges from 1 teacher for 30 students to 1 for 12, in order to better guide them through their individual pathways.

  • The workshop at the heart of the training

Collaborative teaching definitely is Camondo's trademark. Over the 5 year curriculum, from entrance to graduation, a fair balance between core topic courses and project-centered workshops shapes open minds which are fit to embrace a career. The crossing of disciplines amplifies the creative approaches of each project.

  • School-Business partnerships

Intimately linked to our school's history, manufacturers, distributors, public authorities ans communities play a part in the qualitynof our training by suggesting projects rooted deep in a craft's reality, as much in architecture as in design. They lead to an assessment of prototyping and planning by profesionnal jurors.

  • At the heart of a complete network

Our schoolhas started this year developing partnerships with unique places where expertise in the traditional or innovative crafts are unrivalled. Our campus workshop will allow students, all along their schooling to experiment with new materials and exceptional manufacturing process.

  • Ressources to serve students

Beyond priviledge acces to the Arts Décoratifs Museum, our school offers a model workshop, a specialized library endowed with 13.000 books and a free access to the whole Mac and PC IT stock. A yearly Masterclass programmemixing arts, history and prospective science completes the 5 year curriculum.

international role

  • A clear international development

Semesters of studying abroad are organised in 2nd and 3rd year with the Universities of Montréal (Canada) and Belgrano (Buenos Aires), the Institut Supérieur des Arts de Bruxelles (Belgium), the Glasgow School of Art (UK) and the Politecnico of Milan (Italy), supported by the ERASMUS + fundings.

national role

  • A unique bond with a great museum

Our school is part of the institution Les Arts Décoratifs. It grants us a unique position in Europe in whixh museum collections and curating improve and enliven our students' training.

  • A valued and acknowledged degree

Since 1989, Camondo has had the National Ministry of Education's acknowledgement. Our degree is a level 1 degree accredited according to the National Repertoire of professional certifications' criteria. Our training is approved by the French circle of Interior Architects (CFAI). We are currently applying for the Ministry of Education's visa.

main focus

The Ecole Camondo has been training and educating designers for more tahn 70 years who shape interior and exterior living environments, individual and collective functions and spaces.

Our school stands out in the higher educational landscape both at home and abroad, thanks to the high quality of our cross-curricular courses in interior architecture and product design. We give our students the keys to a dynamic and skilled professional practice which is ever on the go and devoted to sharing knowledge and skills.

This noble and enthralling responsibility, we collectively deliver to our students and in the service of the profession's drive for the coming decades.

faculties and departments

  • Foundation year (a 1 year programme)
  • Interior architect - designer Degree (a 5 years programme)

bachelor level programs

Interior architect - designer Degree (a 3 years degree)

master level programs

Interior architect - designer Degree (a 2 years degree)

research activity and main areas

Dynamic and creative, the training process rests on a perfect blend of individual and collective approaches. At the heart of the process, the workshop, where students can exchange and converse together, along with their teachers.

The Ambiance pour habiter research seminars, the École Camondo's Masterclass and the international intensive workshops will complete the curriculum.

subject areas for exchange students

  • Interior Architecture
  • Design

application deadlines

Students are accepted at Ecole Camondo in :

2nd year class-spring semester only

3rd year class

4th year class


  • Fall semester : 31th August – 20th December (1st December in fourth –year)
  • Spring semester : 4th January to the end of April or May

All application must include the following materials :
• Completed application form
• Portfolio of work
• Statement of purpose
• Résumé or Curriculum Vitae
• Official Transcripts

Inquiries and request for application, as well as completed application forms, should be sent by your International office to
École Camondo - Relations Internationales. Elodie Roi
266, boulevard Raspail
75014 Paris

teaching languages

  • English
  • French

French language requirements : Students must be aware that a minimum B1 level in French proficiency is highly recommended in order to be able to benefit from the programs and life at Ecole Camondo and in Paris.

semester dates

  • Fall Semester : Early September to December
  • Spring Semester : January to end of May

cost of living per month (studying and living)

The cost of living in Paris is quite high. You should expect to pay, on average, € 650 in monthly rent. By including the cost of food, transport, books and leisure activities – after all, you will be in Paris – your budget should be at least € 1,000 per month.

You must also include tuition fees (€8,000 for the undergraduate level and  €10,000 for the Master level).

Remember to include travel expenses if you live outside or far from France.

Should you plan on working during your studies, bear in mind that it may take some time before finding a job.

Do not underestimate the cost of accommodation. € 650 represents only the average cost and you may potentially end up paying higher rent. Keep in mind that your landlord will ask you to pay in addition the equivalent of one month's rent as a deposit when you sign the tenancy agreement.

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