Cape Peninsula University of Technology Faculty of Informatics and Design

mission statement


To be at the heart of technology education and innovation in Africa.


The four aims that comprise our mission:

· We will build a university that is highly efficient, sustainable and environmentally conscious
· We will be known for the high quality of our teaching and learning and the relevance of our curriculum
· We will create a vibrant and well resourced living and learning environment for our students
· We will enhance and develop the quality and effectiveness of our research and knowledge production
Core Values

· We undertake to deal with others in a spirit of Ubuntu
· All our interactions will be governed by a spirit of mutual respect
· We support the principle of equity
· We will promote innovation in all aspects of our work
· We will uphold the principle of accountability for our actions
· We prize excellence
· We will strive for efficiency in all our operations

international role

CPUT's Faculty of Informatics and Design has partnerships with many universities around the world and actively pursues these by exchanging staff and students at post graduate levels.
FID encourages overseas students to study in Cape Town - the World Design Capital 2014 designation for Cape Town has drawn a number of design students to carry out their studies within the multiple societal challenges presenting within a developing world context. Funded research projects between CPUT and other institutions draws top researchers to the university and expands opportunities for leading work to be done in the design and IT sectors.

national role

FID is an active faculty within the region and the City of Cape Town - having been a leader in the process of winning the World Design Capital 2014 bid recently the university has played an increasingly important role in building relationships between academia, government, business and community. Staff in the faculty actively participate in local associations, networks and forums that support design for social innovation and sustainability.
Cape Town Design Network

main focus

Vocational and professional education in the fields of architecture, design, Information technology, media studies and town and regional planning.

faculties and departments

· Architectural Technology & Interior Design
· Applied Design (Fashion; Graphic; Industrial; Jewellery; Surface)
· Information Technology
· Media Studies (Public Relations Management; Film & Video Technology; Journalism; Photography)
· Town & Regional Planning

bachelor level programs

Bachelor (or equivalent) programmes (1 year Full-Time/2 years Part-time):
· BTech (Baccalaureus Technologiae): Architectural Technology
· BTech: Interior Design
· BTech: Fashion Design
· BTech: Graphic Design
· BTech: Industrial Design
· BTech: Jewellery Design
· BTech: Surface Design
· BTech: Information Technology
· BTech: Public Relations Management
· BTech: Journalism
· BTech: Photography
· BTech: Town & Regional Planning

master level programs

Master (or equivalent) programmes (1 years Full-time/2 years Part-time):

· MTech(Magister Technologiae): Architectural Technology
· MTech: Interior Design
· MTech: Design
· MTech: Graphic Design
· MTech: Industrial Design
· MTech: Information Technology
· MTech: Public Relations Management (Coursework & Full Research)
· MTech: Town & Regional Planning

research activity and main areas

In 2012 CPUT formulated a 10-year blueprint for Research, Technology Innovation and Partnerships (RTI). The following seven focus areas have been identified as part if the RTI blueprint:

· Bio-economy and biotechnology
· Space science and technology
· Energy
· Climate change and environment
· Human and social dynamics, including issues related to service delivery
· Economic growth and international competitiveness
· Design for sustainability

doctorate level programs

Doctorate programmes (2 years Full-time/4 years Part-time):

· DTech (Doctor Technologiae): Design
· DTech: Information Technology
· DTech: Informatics
· DTech: Graphic Design

subject areas for exchange students

Industrial, Graphic Design, IT, Fashion, Surface, Jewellery Design

application deadlines


teaching languages


semester dates

February - June
July - November

cost of living per month (studying and living)

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