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mission statement

JD Educational Trust encourages its students, faculty members and staff to embrace a culture of lifelong creativity and innovative learning, develop critical and solution-based thought process, acquire progressive career skills, and become responsive to the dynamics and the changing realities of the industry and the global community. Enhanced by the expertise of our multidisciplinary teaching and non-teaching employees, we equip our student community with effective tools to attain intellectual leadership and creative freedom in their academics and professional lives. Our mission is to create academically and culturally diverse student population, productive regional and global citizens in the world of fashion and design, who are well aware of their innate individual talents, creativity and power of imagination.

international role

International exposure through tie-ups with institutes like London College of Fashion, Chelsea College of Arts and KOEFIA (Fashion School), Rome offer students understanding the process of culture and city-based research to use as an inspiration for the design process. Visits to museums, art galleries, fashion boutiques, walk around the city and workshops form part of the module. This exchange program is beneficial for students to undergo an intensive training program to fine tune their skills and to put it to use from an international perspective.

national role

JD has always been at the forefront of design education by providing a platform for all aspirants to recognize and reach their full potential. The carefully curated programs are aligned with the demands fo the industry. To help students gain the optimum from their area of study JD has forged associations, affiliations and collaborations with Bengaluru City University, Goa University, Singhania University, IIID (Institute of Indian Interior Designers), Central Silk Board, Medini, Autodesk, Adobe, Trend Council, Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Indo French chamber of commerce and Industry, the council of EU chambers of business in India and ADI to name a few.

main focus

The main focus of JD Institute of Fashion Technology is to create world-class institutes that achieve outstanding student learning outcomes by invigorating creative excellence in the field of design education. Our concentration lies in offering high-quality academic programs through close student-mentor engagement, research and creative programs, project-based learning, state of the art learning and delivery facilities, and internationalisation of the curriculum. Our institutes are a centre of formal and informal dialogue between various interrelated creative disciplines, industries, diverse cultures, and even individuals, where they are empowered to collaboratively create a unique and highly creative experience for our students, employees and even the local, regional and international community. As a responsible citizen of this world, the school aims to contribute to the society at large by integrating sensitivity towards the environment through strategic, innovative and meaningful design thinking.

The programs are tailored for both international and domestic students which involve effortless integration of global perspectives and best practices into fashion and design education and assessment methodologies. In a fast-changing knowledge economy, our institutes strive to develop and expand domestic and international interaction within and outside the school through various:

•    Collaborative projects
•    Events and workshops
•    Study abroad
•    Student and faculty exchange programs
•    Skill-based industry-specific assignments that encourages developing skills to engage in a global setting, including research and development.

faculties and departments

Fashion Design
Ms. Srishti Singhal - Professor/Research and Development
Ms. Niveditha V. - Lecturer
Ms. Swati Gupta - Professor
Ms. Aarthi M - Professor
Ms. Prakruthi Nithin - Professor
Mr. Sunil BV - Professor
Ms. Nitika Sharma - Lecturer
Ms. Kalpana - Lecturer
Mr. Arun Bharadwaj - Lecturer
Ms. Pallavi C - Professor
Ms. Heena - Professor
Ms. Yaamini - Professor
Mr. Srinivas Prasad - Professor
Ms. Anushka - Lecturer
Ms. Annu Sony - Lecturer
Ms. Kavya - Lecturer
Ms. Neethi GS - Professor
Ms. Varsha Rani Solanki - Lecturer
Mr. Naveen - Professor 
Mr. Kapil Shankhwar - Lecturer
Mr. Pratik Kumar - Lecturer
Ms. Lakshmi - Lecturer
Ms. Kavyashree - Lecturer

Ms. Shilpa Mallya S - Professor (HOD Degree- Interior Design Department)
Ms. Sonia - Professor (HOD Diploma - Interior Design Department)
Ms. Spurthi - Lecturer
Ms. G Keerthana - Professor
Ms. Gunjan Singh - Lecturer
Ms. Naveena Ravishankar - Lecturer
Mr. Gagan Patel - Lecturer
Mr. Akshay Joshi - Lecturer
Mr. Chennakeshava - Lecturer
Ms. Monika - Professor
Mr. Amlan - Lecturer
Mr. Aman Ansari - Lecturer
Mr. Nischay - Lecturer
Ms. Rabiya - Lecturer
Mr. Rohith - Lecturer

Ms. Rupali - Lecturer

Ms. Madhumita - Lecturer 
Ms. Vasantha - Lecturer

Mr. Zulfi Ali
(Academic and Creative Director - JD South)

Mr. Pramod Adhikari
Chief Mentor - JD South

Ms. Suma
(Academic Head - JD South)

Anusuya Suresh
(HOD - Fashion Department)

Mr. Kishore Ramachandra
(HOD -Photography Department)

Ms. Saili
(HOD - Makeup Department)

bachelor level programs

BSc. in Fashion and Apparel Design (3 years)
BSc. in Interior and Decoration (3 years)
BSc. in Interior Design (3 years)
BSc. in Fashion Design and Garment Management (3 years)
BSc. in Jewellery Design (3 years)
BVA - Product Design (4 years)
BVA - Graphic Design (4 years)
BBA in Event Management (3 years)
Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design (3 years)
Advanced Diploma in Interior Design (3 years)

master level programs

MSc. in Fashion and Textile Design (2 years)
MSc. in Fashion Design (2 years)
MSc. in Interior Design (2 years)
MA in User Experience and Interaction Design (2 years)
MA in Fashion Communication (2 years)
MBA in Fashion Business and Event Management (2 years) 
Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design and Business Management (2 years)
Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication (2 years)
Post Graduate Diploma in Interior and Spatial Design (2 years)

research activity and main areas

The Research Activity offered at JD Educational Trust – JD Institute of Fashion Technology is grounded in practice which includes field-work conducted by faculty, students- contextual findings into products, spaces, services and processes. 

Research is encouraged in the form of publications, exhibitions, craft and course documentation. The publications reflect the diverse Indian culture and socio-economic perspectives on research in design, practice and education. 

We encourage our students and faculty members to actively participate in International and National conferences and indulge in thought-provoking conversations essential for creating new knowledge in design education. Apart from knowledge sharing we also present platforms for collaborative research projects with government and private associations. Archiving is another way for us to help students and faculty create a wide database of information that is beneficial to retain information pertaining to old crafts, arts, textiles and architecture. In doing so we encourage ways to develop textiles, crafts and restoration of old architectural forms of India. 

We also organise an annual inter-disciplinary conference bringing together practitioners, leaders and learners together, fusing ideas, frameworks and practices and theories in design. 

Faculty development program is another focus area wherein we incorporate the research methods undertaken during the discourse into curriculum planning.

doctorate level programs


subject areas for exchange students

Due to the ongoing pandemic we have not been able to carry forward student exchanges.

application deadlines


teaching languages


semester dates


cost of living per month (studying and living)


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