We are excited to announce a one day symposium, on 15 October 2016, at Leeds College of Art (UK) focusing on how to expand communities of sustainable practice within and beyond art and design schools.

Given the need for art and design education to transform its mode of operating in times of massive ecological crises, the symposium is an opportunity to learn from cases of good practice, to get feedback on one’s initiatives and to network with others who are eager to make art and design education an effective advocate of sustainable practice.

Communities of sustainable practice are groups or networks of educators, designers, artists, craftspeople, researchers and students who aim to place sustainability concerns at the heart of their practice. Through the symposium we want to provide a space for people involved in such initiatives to effectively network and strategise together in order to enhance the positive impact and reach of what they do.

Aims & objectives

During this one day symposium, we want to focus on the importance of collaboration and networks in creating art and design practices that contribute to eco-social sustainability. We are especially interested in expanding the notions of sustainability within art and design education and how they contribute to engaging the public in sustainable and progressively transformative eco-social practices.

As we are convinced that sustainability is also about meshing up and intersecting practice and theory, the day will span from theoretical to practical engagements with sustainability – always with a focus on making this day productive in terms of building alliances, projects and shared commitments between the people attending. Interested? Here you find more information:

As a mid- and long-term cooperation project between College of Fine Arts and Seoul National University and Hyundai Motor Company, ART-UNI-ON aims to move beyond the institutionalized education system by networking prominent figures of the arts and cultural industry with selected artists as their mentor. Artist submissions are on-going through the year and are typically announced in January and July, respectively. Please visit for more information. Program benefits are as follows:
Benefits for AUO Artist
1. KRW 1,000,000 worth of Scholarship
2. Presentation of ART-UNI-ON Awards
3. MMM Programs-Various Offline Programs
4. Critiques from influential figures and industry experts
5. Online Promotion of AUO artists
6. Annual Dinner and Open Portfolio Review

This summer, the Royal College of Art opens its studios and facilities in Kensington and Battersea to UK and international businesses, students and practitioners for the first time through a new portfolio of innovation education courses and workshops.

Executive Education

The award winning Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design are offering a series of one day executive masterclasses and workshops for businesses who want to learn about design thinking, people-centred innovation, inclusive design for healthcare and service design.

Summer Intensives

The summer intensive programme is ideal for artists, designers, critical thinkers, curators and writers who want to experience RCA teaching methods from subject specialists and their peers. This summer we are offering Contemporary Art in Practice, Disruptive Market Innovation and Criticism & Curating in Art & Design.


PGLS 2016 will take place from 23rd August to 29th August, 2016.

The Preparing Global Leaders Summit (PGLS) is a premiere international educational program for the best young professionals in the world. The program seeks to prepare aspiring global scholar-leaders with the tools that are necessary for effective leadership in an increasingly complex world. During PGLS 2015 we had more then 700 applications from students and young professionals from 45 countries. This year we expect more then 800 applications.

Students and young professionals take short courses from internationally recognized faculty and participate in a range of leadership simulations. Specifically, participants will learn how to develop an opposable, interdisciplinary mind with an ability to work with and across ideological, national, religious, class and racial differences. They will learn how to communicate effectively, think both critically and creatively with a particular emphasis on how to advance the global public good.

We would like to invite your students, young teachers and academics to participate in PGLS 2016.


The summit will include faculty from three world topnotch universities – Oxford, Princeton and Georgetown. The rapidly changing business environment locally and globally forces business leaders to adapt to the new rules of the game and stay on top of the world regardless of the nature of their business. Skills developed through Preparing Global Leaders Summit will help the delegates in understanding the changing world order, their personal strengths and weaknesses and how those could be used to their advantage. World-class award-winning experts in the field of leadership and communication, statistics and public policy, and global citizenship will share their expertise and its application possibilities. Various simulations will assist delegates with polishing their newly acquired skills, while the social events will provide a unique opportunity for networking. Given the strict selection criteria, only the strongest candidates are accepted in order to encourage learning from other’s experiences as much as from the faculty.

We would appreciate your help in spreading the word about PGLS in your organization, and encourage you to apply. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via e-mail. For more detailed information, please visit our website at

Visit and like our Facebook page at;


  • June 15, 2016 – priority scholarship application deadline
  • July 1, 2016 – scholarship application deadline and application deadline for all those who need a visa to enter Russia
  • July 15, 2016 – self-financed application deadline for those who do not need a visa to enter Russia


How to Apply
Download the PGLS application form: Word Doc | PDF
Fill out the application. Save it along with a copy of your resume and letter of recommendation (optional) in a single Zip file.
Attach the Zip file to an email sent to before the deadline.
You will receive a reply with our decision within 2 weeks of your application submission.

How much does PGLS cost?
The total price for PGLS 2016 is 1200 USD. The fee includes welcome and final dinners, accommodations, daily breakfast and lunch, tutorial materials, 2 cultural events, tuition and transportation to and from the airport.
Scholarships are available.

David J Townsend – Australia

President, Oxford University Student Union (2012-2013), PhD student, University of Oxford

“The PGLS programme is a great combination of communication training and insights into psychology and international development. Sam Potolicchio is a dynamo of leadership himself, and his lectures on public communication are enthralling, interactive and innovative. What I really appreciated was that underneath this was a genuine concern to educate the young leaders of the 21st Century, and his vision of communication isn’t about learning ‘tricks’ to get people to follow you, it’s about learning how to bring people closer together and how to help us all move forward together in society. I had a great time at PGLS – such a wide range of countries and careers were represented amongst the participants! Moscow was the perfect setting for us to get to know each other!”


Layane El Hor – Lebanon

Fulbright Scholar – Yale University; MA Candidate, International and Development Economics

“Leadership today is very different from what it used to be years ago. It’s more than ever about young people, instantaneous public exposure, inter-disciplinary knowledge, and cross-border connections. It is very rare, however, for an aspiring leader to find these at one place. PGLS is the only path I found to enhance all of these in a compact, fruitful, and fun period! The program is unique in that it focuses on communication skills and effective leadership, but also on other interesting fields to enrich participants’ general knowledge and exposure. The program is also designed to allow for close interaction between participants; whether through preparing speeches and policy drafts or through great outings discovering Moscow, PGLS offered me much more than connections. I gained lifelong friends that share a will for change, a global vision, and the required skills to advance it!”


Serafin Lion Engel – Germany

Co-Founder & CEO, Shoutbox GmbH; Co-Founder & Chairman, R7 Investment Association

“Being part of PGLS was definitely a transformational experience. It offers an immensely broad array of learning fields, taught by an all-star line-up of professors, but what I believe to be truly unique about this summit is that it is an event for everyone. No matter what you study, no matter where you come from, and no matter what your religious, political, or ideological preconceptions are, you will be welcomed to the community and you will be challenged to learn not only about politics, and leadership, but about life. I myself am a business student, and looking back to the summit I can state with certainty that it was a key event in my education career.”


Rabia Bhatti – United Kingdom

UK’s Youngest Ever Muslim Female Politician

“PGLS was an absolutely incredible experience. Having both delivered and participated in numerous Leadership courses, seminars and workshops over the last couple of years around the world this was definitely one of the best. Both the delivery and content of the course was of an exceptional standard with the highest-calibre of speakers and lectures delivered over the duration of the week. I would highly recommend PGLS to anyone interested in becoming a Leader in their chosen field or entering Politics as one of the finest programmes to be found in the world today.”


Find more Testimonials on our website >>






We are looking forward to see you in Moscow!

2016 Fall Semester Admission Information for
International Students from Exchange Partner and Cumulus Member Institutions

Message from the President
Prof. Takahito Saiki, President, Kobe Design University
Kobe Design University Graduate School is one of the few postgraduate institutions in Japan conducting
comprehensive education and research in design and art. In addition to studying their specialized programs of
choice, Kobe Design University Graduate School students study design theories forming the backbone of
academic activities, as well as state-of-the-art science and technology.
“Arts and design” is an area of study for fostering—through training in arts and culture rooted in human activities
and history, and academic activities in design and art that draw on the strengths of science and
technology—advanced levels of expertise demanded by the times and by society, as well as rich creativity, flexible
conceptual power, and an unconventional, yet solid ability to express thoughts and ideas.
From its establishment in 1993 to the end of March 2016, Kobe Design University Graduate School has conferred
Master’s Degrees (in Arts and Design) to 473 students, and Doctoral Degrees (in Arts and Design) to 56 students,
who have then gone on to advance their careers at Japanese and overseas corporations, and research and
educational institutions. They have also achieved remarkable success in various competitions, and many of their
papers have been awarded by the Design Research Association.
Our graduate students hail from many countries, including China, South Korea, Iran, India, Tunisia, Bosnia,
Myanmar, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Argentina, Poland, Lebanon, Russia, Nepal, Ireland, Venezuela, Brazil,
and Thailand. Contact with different cultures and values encourages the production of diverse designs and ideas.
I sincerely hope that each of you experience a fruitful and rewarding time at this innovative and unique Graduate
The Integrated Arts and Design Division develops researchers with rich creativity through specialized research and
theoretical deepening in design and art. The Division also fosters versatile designers and artists equipped with
knowledge, ability and skills responding to today’s diverse and complicated needs regarding the environment and
systems, and who are capable of devising practical strategies.
More advanced than the above program, the Arts & Design Division is designed to develop intellectual experts
capable of supporting a knowledge-based society in their diverse capacities founded on arts and design. At the
same time, through theoretical work in design and art, the program develops scholars capable of innovative and
outstanding research and development, as well as educators equipped with sound educational and research
capabilities. Please read more:

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Not a Member yet? Apply here!


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